Here is our list of home exercises for all ages and fitness levels. These are also how you can to exercise during a Coronavirus outbreak.

Getting fit at home can be done in many ways. If you are new to exercise or coming off a long break after illness, most exercise plans suggest that you start with a cardiovascular program. Start gradually by moving around more. Walk up and down in your home, and progress to more energetic exercise such as running up and down the stairs.

An exercise bike is good and you can monitor your steps using a fitness band or smartwatch. Sharing your exercise routine with friends can also help you gain motivation to continue to get fit, grow stronger, build muscle, and live a better, happier, more active life.

3 of the Best Exercises for Beginners to Try at Home

You don’t have to restrict yourself to a stationary exercise routine to achieve an enhanced quality of life. Home exercises can help you gain flexibility and develop your cardiovascular system. Here are some ideas for home fitness for all ages:

1. Yoga is a good aerobic exercise that can be done at home as a relaxing way to start your day. There are many styles from a simple flow, to slow asana, to fast, to power yoga. A few simple yoga poses can build strength and flexibility.

2. Pilates is another good cardiovascular exercise and is also a great full-body workout using your abdominal, back and leg muscles to strengthen. To start with, try some easy Pilates moves (easy ones will work best), then take your own tempo to challenge yourself, then progress to the more difficult ones.

3. Cycling using an exercise bike, or outdoors in your neighbourhood helps to get you moving, and also works to improve your balance. You can get yourself a cycling helmet. Some people enjoy using a treadmill to build their leg and upper body strength and flexibility. If you have access to some stair climbing equipment, you could progress to the hill climb, and then the steepest, steeper, steeper! And so on.

The best way to start is by doing one or two home fitness ideas for all ages, and gradually progress to more challenging routines. It is a great place to start for all ages.

Got a Minute? Let’s Work Out!

We recommend doing one or two ideas for all ages, then once you get a feel for a routine you can then try some more challenging routines for older age groups to ensure that you progress to the next level. If you feel the need for more challenging routines you can always do them in your own home at the beginning of your day.

10-minute Home Workouts for Exercise

Remember, when you start, don’t rush around and try to do too much in one session. It can quickly become boring. The goal is to gradually build and challenge your workout routines over a period of weeks- even months. It is easy to get addicted to exercise. It’s hard to continue when you experience sore limbs, and the results of the exercise you haven’t seen in a while. It is also easy to take a break from exercise when you feel tired and sore.

If you want to be healthy for the rest of your life, you have to find a routine that you can stick to, that works for you and you continue to get enjoyment out of.

Choose Wisely About How Much Exercise You Do

To begin to exercise again after a severe illness you may need to take only very gentle exercise. If you are obese and very overweight take care and obtain medical advice on a suitable exercise program. You may need to be advised by a respiratory consultant, physiotherapist, based upon GP’advice. Your GP will help you assess, diagnose and treat Long Covid symptoms after you have had the coronavirus ranging from breathlessness, chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and stress.

Getting Stronger with Home Exercises

Your doctor may give you special dietary instructions and advice on the best time of day to exercise or whether to exercise at all. The doctors may ask you to refrain from certain types of food and drink.

If you are very overweight your doctor may suggest that you do a program of aerobic exercise at night. The doctors will also suggest that you do strength training or resistance exercise 3 to 5 times a week to exercise important muscle groups, alternating with a program of aerobic exercise.

Lifting Lighter Weights Can Be as Effective as Heavy Ones

A doctor may advise that you have a blood pressure check. This is a check made at regular intervals, at least once a year, to measure your blood pressure. To ensure that your blood pressure is normal you will need to follow their advice and have a check every 6 months.

Your doctor may ask you to abstain from certain beverages, such as coffee, tea and alcohol during your illness. These are drinks that have excess caffeine and can increase your blood pressure. Your doctor will also give you medicine to prevent constipation, or prescribe laxatives or enemas.

Even 1-Minute Intervals Can Improve Your Health

Your doctor may suggest that you do home stretching exercises, which will help your muscles recover. When you exercise you may need to refrain from caffeine and nicotine. These are harmful to your health. If you do smoke cigarettes will likely be a problem to you since they increase your blood pressure, raise your heart rate, and may cause heart problems. Caffeine may cause you to feel anxious.

Your health will be in your hands. You have many choices when it comes to your health and fitness. You can take up a healthy diet, do some aerobic exercise 3 to 5 times a week, join a gym, take medication to control your blood pressure, get a check from your doctor once a month, take supplements, or do nothing.

To use a fitness tracker can help greatly to motivate you to keep taking your home exercise, and consistent exercise is what in the end will make you fit and keep you active. Find out which is the
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