When it comes to creating and casting Wiccan Magic Spells, it pays to understand the foundations and practice, practice, practice!

Regretfully, Witchcraft in general gets a raw deal a lot of the time.

Thank goodness, and particularly when it refers to Wiccan magic spells, it is not near as horrendous as some would undoubtedly believe!

Forget all about evil spells and jinxes being raised out of bat wings, crawlers and frog’s legs frothing in a giant black cauldron. Genuine Witchcraft is more about harmony and equilibrium. Nevertheless, if I’m being entirely honest, brooms along with burning cauldrons definitely do have their place!

Are Wiccan Magic Spells and Witchcraft The Same?

Wicca is a mind-set, a belief, a recognized religion in reality. And much like any other religion, anybody at all can easily choose to follow Wicca.

Wicca can be examined like any other religion both in solitary or by joining a coven. As TV and movies have depicted, a coven is quite literally a gathering of witches – in the absence of the green faces and warts – living together in perfect and natural harmony.

The Relationship Between Wiccans and Nature

Wiccans make use of magic (or Magick as often spelt by the Wiccan community to distinguish it from stage magic) largely to promote things. Specifically: love, fertility, healing or to remove negative influences. It is often believed among Wiccans that magick is a law of nature, as instinctive as the sun that rises and the strong wind that blows.

Getting Started With Magic

Casting Wiccan Magic Spells PDF Download

Supposing that you want to execute Wiccan magick spells, you have to start with learning to comply with some essential principles. Whereas this might sound a little limiting you will actually notice that they will raise the efficacy and even fulfilment of casting your magic spells.

Therefore let’s pause for a minute before we move forward to the actual spells themselves. Following below are a number of the fundamentals for you to take into account:

– The Wiccan Rede (suggesting advice) – “An it harm none, do what ye will”

– The Rule of 3 – whatever you do will come back to you with 3 times the power, so always consider the implications and consequences.

– The Eight Virtues – mirth, reverence, honour, humility, strength, beauty, power and compassion. Seek to include these values not just in your spell work but also in your way of life as a whole. You will be blown away at how much you can make improvements to your life through this rule alone. Your magick will always function much better when it originates from the right place!

– Five Core Elements – The pentagram is the symbol of Wicca and it works with the main elements of the universe: earth, air, fire, water and spirit. These are to be thought highly of always. Learn to work and direct their exceptional powers.

The Importance Of Intention When Casting Wiccan Magic Spells

Pulling energy and routing it towards positive results with magick is an act of love. When you are focused on the light and love that undeniably is what encompasses the universe, you will recognize how ridiculous gossip about witchcraft really is!

Magic Spells Are Not For Creating Pain, Sorrow or Bad KarmaWiccan Magic Spells

Lots of people who do black magick do it to attack or to use other people since they themselves do not have the ability or are too lazy to empower themselves. Instead, they foolishly lack out and strike others which in turn merely returns to hit them even harder in the future.

Having the opportunity to use and do magick and Wicca should only be put into action for the highest and greatest good that you could be. Making use of magick or Wicca spells to degrade or hold others back or impose your own will on another person is wrong. The very best user of magick spells and Wicca understands that love and balance are the keys to success!

Creating Your Own Wiccan Magic Spells

Eventually, you will likely learn to create your own hybrid system of magick applying your own approaches founded on your tastes and views. Don’t fall victim to being cornered into just one magical passage. Consider them all until you discover one you love and that suits you. Again, true magick emerges from a mixture of what you are and what you have learned.

Adopt these tips for practising Wicca spells and similarly use them to help develop your very own spells and rituals!

Realize that everything is energy, and every energy has a certain vibration. Make the effort to check out the many different vibrations of specific herbs, plants, trees, stones, colours, metals, and symbols. These vibrations are the key to highly effective spells. You definitely would not choose to use the colour black in a love spell for instance.

Once you know the vibrations of each sort of herb, plant, rocks and other aspects of the tools you use for spell work, you have the ability to begin to quickly know what to use in your spells to get your preferred conclusion.

The words you use do not have to rhyme. They can, but they don’t need to.
They need to be with regards to what you hope to attract to you or about the desired outcome. Maybe something simple like “diamond, diamond bring to me, wealth and abundance and pure as thee.”

Strive to use terms that induce you to think and feel about that thing which you desire. Emotion is your vibrational helping hand to the spell. Choose words that help bring into existence and sustain the important and ideal emotion.

Casting A Circle For Your Wiccan Magic

Wicca Magic Spells

Certainly not always critical but it can be quite powerful and affirming to include a sacred and consecrated area to work within. In much the same way men and women use a Church or sacred place of worship to pray, this can easily grant a consciousness of peace and safety.

There are many approaches and viewpoints on how to cast a circle so experience as many as feasible and find the proper way for you. Consider a place in your home that will be tranquil and private for you to work in.

Here is some more thorough info on how to cast a circle.

Even Your Own Magic Spells Need Practice

Practice what you learn!
There is a single way to determine if a specific magickal spell or Wiccan ritual will work and that is by trying it out. Lots of people will devote years analyzing occultism and magick but usually never truly get their feet wet by employing it or at the very least giving it a try.

The more you practice the spells at the same time energizing them with faith and will-power will provide you results you can’t accomplish from merely reading.

Real Spells Of Magic ingrained in Wiccan ideals are simultaneously powerful and beautiful. When mixed with true intentions and involve Mother Nature, Wiccan Magic Spells are truly magickal!

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