When to pick your wedding hairstyle?

If you’ve already started arranging your wedding, you know the countless decisions you will have to make concerning the date, location, guest list, dress, flowers, photographer, and makeup!

Choosing how you will appear on your wedding day is an extensive process.

We cannot help you choose your dress or flowers, but we can provide you with your wedding day hairdo.

The Wedding Hairstyle Questions that Brides Ask Are:

  •  Do I wear my hair up or down?
  •  How about waves or an elegant chignon? 
  •  Do I choose the veil or the hairstyle first?
  •  Can I do it myself?
  •  What’s all the talk on wedding forums about a “hair trial”. How much do they cost and when do I book one?
  • How far in advance should I book the hairstylist?

Breathe deeply. It’s fine. Your hair will be beautiful as you go down the aisle.

Wedding day, you should look a gorgeous version of yourself. When you go down the aisle, you want those there to identify you.

What’s more, you want to look and feel your best and appear confident. True beauty is a blend of thoughts, attitudes, and looks. As a casual person who rarely wears makeup, your wedding day is definitely not the time to be glamorous, lady.

One cautionary warning: This hair wedding could inspire you to wear more makeup and be more expressive in daily life. Think about the wedding photo you’ll have on display always.

Try And Keep It Timeless

You want to be able to look at the photograph without cringing.

Maintain certain parts of your style as traditional and timeless as possible.

Throughout this process, remain in tune with your instincts. Is this correct? Is this how you feel?

Each bride should get one piece of advice: you are not obligated to do what others recommend or desire. If you have to pay for it, it becomes a matter of choice.

If your parents are paying for the wedding, you may have to make some concessions on some details, such as the number of guests, the location, or the cost of your wedding gown.

However, avoid being persuaded into hair or makeup that makes you feel uneasy or insecure.

Choosing Your Wedding Hairstyle 

If you desire longer, thicker hair, invest in hair extensions.

If you’re not interested in growing out your short haircut, skip it and let your hair alone.

It is irrelevant what other people desire. This wonderful day is all about you and your spouse.

Favorite wedding hairstyle suggestions

Do Your Research And Have Pictures

Conduct some research before visiting the hair salon. There are Instagram accounts, Pinterest boards, and publications to peruse, and our Hair and Makeup Gold Coast team can provide excellent recommendations for your bridal hairdo.

Please look at the celebrities you’re envious of, or visit their stylists’ websites to view their entire portfolios. Remember to include magazine articles and your favourite red carpet ensembles on your inspiration board as well.

Even if you cannot decide on a certain haircut, making a list of what you do NOT like is quite beneficial.

wedding hair and makeup tips

Ask Around: Find Inspiration

If you’ve attended a lot of weddings (which seem to happen in clusters when your friends get married), you may have seen a bride or two whose hair struck your eye. Contact them or send them a note to learn how they achieved the ideal wedding hairdo. Perhaps they’ll be able to offer some guidance on what to try and what to avoid. However, I would reiterate that the ultimate decision is entirely up to you since it is, after all, your day.

Book A Trial Appointment

Hair trials are critical. They generally cost between $100 and $150, and you should schedule one once you’ve chosen your gown and veil.
You don’t want to regret the style you’ve chosen, and a trial allows you to test how your hair, dress, and veil will all work together on the big day.
For instance, suppose you’ve picked a dramatic updo but discover that it would not work with your hair length or the style of veil you’ve chosen.

It’s time to discover this at your trial appointment, not on your wedding day. Experiment with updos and other flow patterns. Remember to bring a blouse with a comparable neckline to your gown, as well as your veil and any hair jewellery you intend to wear.

Be prepared to reconsider your hairdo ideas.

To ensure they look their best, you may need to purchase or borrow hair extensions, get a haircut, or schedule a colour or treatment appointment.

wedding hair and makeup

Coordinate Your Overall Wedding Style

All of the planning you’ve previously done might assist you in determining your wedding day hairdo.

The formality of your gown, the venue, and the overall concept of the wedding all serve as excellent beginning points for determining your wedding hairdo.

To begin, your hairdo should complement (rather than compete with) your clothing.

If you’re wearing sophisticated, contemporary attire such as a pantsuit or sculpted gown, request an exquisite ponytail, a low chignon, or a sleek blowout.

Brides who want a casual, beachy, or rustic style (think lace coats, high-waisted two-pieces, or off-the-shoulder boho dresses) should wear their hair loose and natural.

Add additional embellishments, weave braids, little flowers, a flower crown, or a delicate headpiece into your hair, or wear your hair half-up so that a few strands frame your face.

Are you more of a princess bride type?
A classic chignon, a beautiful French twist, or a delicate Gibson tuck will highlight your gown and allow a lengthy veil.

Additionally, it will enable you to quickly remove the veil, allowing you to enjoy your wedding reception and even have a dance or two!

Bridal Hair Gold Coast

Show Off Your Hair

While glossy, healthy hair usually pictures beautifully, the disadvantage is that it will not hold as well if worn down. The good news for people with naturally straight hair is that it seems shinier; therefore, highlighting the texture of your hairdo is critical.

Flyaways are the misery of every lady who desires silky hair.

With its high humidity and windy conditions, the Gold Coast weather may be a nightmare!

If you are a neat freak, select a haircut that allows for easy maintenance.

Curly hair looks incredible with textured hairstyles, whether you choose loose curls with braids or a somewhat sloppy updo.

Curly hair can also appear dry and brittle, so it is essential to apply the proper treatments. We define the curls with a moisturising balm and a small shine serum to add shine and control frizz.

Wedding Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Curls or a cut with wispy ends helps soften a square facial shape.

When we split the hair to create a side part, we can alter the size and form of the entire forehead by styling the hair.

When we style your hair, we prefer that you sit in front of a mirror so that you can immediately see how minor adjustments to the way your hair is pushed back or draped across your face may dramatically alter your appearance!

Longer hairstyles will lengthen and narrow your face, while curls, waves, dishevelled layers, or a longer side fringe will soften your features.

Bridal hair stylist

Work With Your Hair Length 

However, how can you choose wedding hairstyles that are appropriate for your hair length?

If you have medium-length hair and have always desired longer hair, invest in hair extensions to obtain your desired look.

There are several romantic, elegant, and gorgeous hairstyles available for short-haired brides (including braided hairstyles if that is your preference).

Subtly tousled hairstyles paired with a headband or simple barrette great for modern, classic, and vintage looks.

Brides with short hair will appear equally as glamorous as brides with longer hair! And without the aches and pains!

Long haired individuals have more styling options, whether it’s an updo – a wise choice for summer – or wearing their hair down to showcase their length.

We must warn brides with long hair that they will require a layered haircut. Long, wavy, or curly hair will not retain curls or waves.

Think About Your Headdress

On your wedding day, will you wear a veil, floral crown, sparkling tiara, or other bridal headpieces?

Determine an efficient method of attaching it to your hair with the aid of your professional hairdresser before the morning of your wedding.

Certain veils are difficult to fix if there is no anchor point for the hair comb.

Vintage crystal combs are not always simple to secure, and we occasionally need to use a little additional bobby pin magic to keep your item in place.

On the other hand, wavy and curly hair are more suited to concealing all hair accessories as they sit about; hair ornament and pins may be readily concealed.

Don’t forget to test your wedding hairdo without the accessories or veil if you intend to remove it throughout the evening.

Think About The Weather

Our third piece of advice is perhaps the most critical since the weather has the ability to make or destroy a haircut.

If you’re attending a summer beach party, try for beachy waves with your hair pulled away from one side of your face.

Nothing is more infuriating than having your hair blown into your face by the wind.

If you can secure one side, you will have some control over the position of your face and the appearance of your hair.
If your wedding is outside and the weather is nice, do you want your hair down or up?

Do you despise having hair on your neck during the summer? Then consider marrying indoors in an air-conditioned room or wearing your hair up.

Are you looking for silky, sleek hair and your hair is prone to frizz? Are you planning a late spring or summer wedding?
You’re aware that the weather will be humid, and humidity will wreak havoc on your smooth hair.

Consider wearing your hair neatly fastened or opting for a straightening treatment to maintain the smoothness of your hair.

Wedding hairstylist

Bridal Hairstyling Expert Tips

Our final tip: Hire a wedding-experienced hair and makeup team and reserve your wedding date early with the company of your choice.
Each hair and makeup artist will handle reservations differently, and they will frequently decline appointments that are more than 12 months in the future.
Make contact with the individual you like to utilise and check to see whether your desired date is accessible.

By hiring a mobile hair and makeup crew, you’re ensuring that you’re working with experts who understand how to get a bride and her bridesmaids ready on time and with hair and makeup that lasts the whole day.

Find your wedding hairstylist on Hair and Makeup Gold Coast.:

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