Revitalize Your House Today with Professional Power Washing

Maintaining your home’s exterior with Professional Power Washing is critical for preserving curb appeal and protecting your valuable investment from the elements. Over time, siding and gutters inevitably collect dirt, grime and mould, dulling appearance while enabling deterioration and costly repairs if neglected. Power washing is an effective solution to restore your home’s pristine look. Utilizing high-pressure water and cleaning agents, it cuts through stubborn buildup that brushes can’t touch – revitalizing exteriors while extending lifespan by halting mold and rot.

Properly done Professional Power Washing is a game changer for revitalizing exteriors and prolonging lifespan.

While limited light-duty DIY washing can help maintain, professional washing is often essential for more extensive restoration – using the right methods, equipment and products for outstanding results without risk of damage to siding, gutters and surfaces.

  • What Is Power Washing and Why It’s So Effective
  • Hiring a Pro for Best Results Risk-Free
  • The Science and Process of Power Washing
  • Customized Techniques for Siding, Gutters & More
  • Fall Season Power Washing Checklist
  • Special Limited Time Offers

What Is Professional Power Washing, and Why It’s So Effective

professional Power Washing Water Pressure Does the Work

By adjusting to the optimum water pressure level for the task, power washers blast away dirt, mold, mildew, pollen and other contaminants – often more thoroughly than by hand, restoring surfaces to like-new condition.

Effective on many exterior surfaces including:

  • Siding – vinyl, wood, fiber cement
  • Gutters & drain pipes
  • Windows & screens
  • Patios – concrete, stone, block
  • Fences & decks – wood, composite
  • Driveways & sidewalks

Power washing rejuvenates the curb appeal of your home while removing mold threats to home integrity and family health.

Chemicals Boost Removing Tough Stains

In addition to water pressure adjustment, mixing in some appropriate chemical cleaners into the spray further boosts effectiveness on more stubborn stains without risk to outdoor building materials or nearby landscaping.

Properly balancing cleaning agents like:

  • Detergents
  • Degreasers
  • Brighteners
  • Mildew removers

Produces Professional Power Washing Level Results

This combination of pressurized water and cleaning agents allows the most thorough cleaning possible. The high-impact spray reaches deep into crevices to remove soils that a brush simply can’t touch – yielding professional-level sparkling results on par with a fresh paint job at a fraction of the cost.

Plus, property power washing extends the life of outdoor surfaces by removing damaging mold, mildew and organic buildup. Preventing deterioration protects home value by reducing costly repairs or replacements later.

However, to achieve the best results safely without risk of damage requires following essential methods….

Get the Most From Professional Power Washing By Hiring a Pro

Beyond having the experience, tools and products, professionals are simply in the best position to deliver outstanding power washing safely. Homeowners attempting DIY power washing risk three key pitfalls:

1. Inadequate Equipment

Typical consumer power washers lack the cleansing muscle professionals rely on including:

  • High flow pumps 5+ gallons per minute
  • Heating elements to maximize cleaning agents
  • Advanced hose/wands for applying chemicals
  • Water reclamation to conserve

Without these, you easily get frustrated from lacking power or control.

2. Improper Technique

Applying too much pressure on delicate surfaces like wood and vinyl risks permanent damage – gouging, splintering and even “blowing out” siding. * Damage means even costlier repairs later.*

However, when done properly, power washing rejuvenates while protecting siding, woodwork and masonry.

3. Safety Hazards

High-pressure spray poses risks of scrapes, damaging nearby windows and vents or even ending up on interior ceilings. Used carelessly it can be downright dangerous, especially chemicals – risking injury, property damage and the environment.

You must take precautions including protective equipment, blocking interior access points, tenting off landscaping and proper chemical handling.

Why Trust the Professionals?

Reputable professional power washing services have specialized equipment, skills and products to deliver the most comprehensive top-to-bottom cleaning without exposure, damage or injury. Other benefits include:

  • Knowledge identifying problems – inspect to customize your service addressing special challenges like pet urine odours.
  • Experience adapting methods – adjust water pressure, cleaning agents, repeat coats on toughest buildup.
  • Protect home materials – use the least invasive methods to avoid surface damage on delicate woods and ornamentals.
  • Precautions ensuring safety – block interior access, tent landscaping, and use low pressure near windows/vents.
  • Support green cleaning options – contain, filter wash water protecting the environment.

The peace of mind of having an insured provider protecting property and people. They take pride in delivering outstanding curb appeal improvement cost-effectively!

The Science of  Professional Power Washing – Process and Benefits

Now when done properly, as with hiring professionals – power washing provides multiple benefits beyond just an impressive clean.
It can better preserve and extend the lifespan of exteriors.

Step 1 – Inspect and Assess

  • Identify trouble areas
  • Choose the best methods – pressure adjustment, chemicals, repeat coats for tough stains


  • Custom clean targeting specific needs
  • Avoid under/overwashing

Step 2 – Protect Property and Valuables

  • Block interior access behind vents
  • Mask windows and ornamentals
  • Cordon off the work area from people/pets


  • Prevent interior water damage
  • Avoid broken windows
  • Safety first

Step 3 – Pretreat Heavy Soils

  • Apply cleaners, degreasers, and brighteners to stick on contaminants
  • Let dwell for 5-10 minutes for maximum effect


Effectively loosen stubborn stains without excessive pressure that risks surface damage

Step 4 – Power Wash Exterior

  • Adjust water pressure and technique to each surface
  • Use heating elements and reclaim water for the fastest clean
  • Repeat coats for heavy buildup


  • Fast, effective clean even reaching into crevices
  • Conserve water by reusing wash water
  • Avoid damage from excessive pressure

Step 5 – Final Touches

  • Spot clean remaining buildup
  • Use clean water rinse
  • Apply treatments to help resist re-soiling


  • Remove the last tough stains
  • Prevent rapid re-soiling
  • Looks sparkling clean and clear

Step 6 – Clean Up

  • Drain, collect all used wash water
  • Blow debris off the surrounding property
  • Remove masking, barricades


  • Leave property pristine & dry
  • Environmentally safe wash water disposal
  • Restored full access upon job completion

Siding  Professional Power Washing Techniques for Outstanding Results

From fiber cement to cedar boards and composites – the right siding adds character and completes the architectural style of your home. Accumulating layers of dirt, mold and mildew hide natural beauty while posing deterioration threats for wood and other products.

Choose professional washing tailored for your exterior using these proper techniques for maximum clean effectiveness while protecting integrity:

Prep Work Essentials

  • Identify defects for priority care – repair popped nails, caulking gaps and seal penetrations where water intrudes risking interior damage
  • Inspect type – wood, vinyl, fibre cement, masonry to set pressure
  • Note delicate areas for light pressure – softwoods, architectural details
  • Mask off windows, vents, ornamentals

Proper Pressure Adjustment

  • Vinyl, fiber cement – medium 1200-2000 psi
  • Wood siding – low, <1200 psi
  • Brick, masonry – high 3000+ psi

Using powerful gas heating elements with pressure exceeding material limits risks permanent damage – deep cleaning fibre cement risks fracturing for example. It’s critical to adjust for appropriate yet effective treatment.

Apply Wood Brighteners

  • Oxalic, phosphoric or sodium metasilicate aid in restoration
  • Loosen ageing grey wood fibres
  • Let set for 10-15 minutes before rinse

Wood naturally greys from water and sun exposure. Brighteners dissolve ageing cells to reveal new vibrant tones and grain underneath while stabilizing against further change.

However, using care not exceeding label concentration or letting set too long risks excess bleaching.

Difficult Stains

  • Pet urine – enzymes break down waste salts
  • Mold/mildew – sodium hypochlorite bleach cleaner
  • Oil Drips – phosphate-free detergent degreaser

Tough stains don’t necessarily require maximum pressure if using the right chemical treatment. Applying at weaker pressure allows detergents longer working time.

Power Rinsing

Rinsing off cleaning solutions entirely after dwell times is critical to avoid residue accumulation degrading wood fibres or metal corrosion long term – diminishing integrity and appearance.

  • Utilize high 4+ gpm flow for the fastest contaminant removal
  • Adjust nozzle distance to prevent surface damage from pressure
  • Repeat coats on remaining buildup only after fully rinsed

Proper power rinse technique prevents marring while effectively restoring surfaces. It pays to be patient – using chemicals instead of excessive pressure to cut costs and limit replacement later.

Gutter and Drain Care Key for Home Protection

Gutters play an indispensable role in whisking rainwater off your roof and protecting fascia boards, siding and foundation from leaks. But they easily clog from debris short-circuiting proper drainage.

What may appear as merely a petty annoyance can turn ugly, leading to thousands in damage if neglected further:

  • Water intrusion behind gutters loosens fascia for detachment
  • Backed-up water seeps into wall voids soaking insulation
  • Overflowing gutters spill roof runoff around the foundation undermining the integrity

Don’t underestimate the importance of cleaning gutters! Drain problems lead to exponentially bigger issues down the line.

Comprehensive Gutter and Drain Care

Versus periodic debris removal from the roof line, comprehensive care also involves:

  • Check the attachment – resecure any loose hangers
  • Remove baffle plugs – clear built-up slime clogging drain tubes
  • Wash debris – leaves, and needles off the exterior to limit cleaning frequency
  • Check and seal separated joints – prevent leakage
  • Confirm proper pitch and alignment – ensure designed water flow

Washing the exterior as well as interior makes a remarkable difference allowing unimpeded drainage while restoring appearance from stains at the same time.

Our services provide this complete care package bringing new life while avoiding water damage threats.

Seasonal Power Washing Guide

Did you know the fall season presents an excellent opportunity to restore your home’s exterior through power washing? The comfortable cooler temperatures allow safe application onto surfaces warmed by the summer sun without risk of shock. Catching buildup before the dormant winter season gives you a head start preventing costly spring surprises.

Here’s an overview of the key benefits of seasonal power washing specifically:

Fall Power Washing Benefits

  • Removes summer’s pollen, mildew and pollution residue
  • Halts expanding mold and algae taking hold through winter
  • Prevents safety hazards like slick walks and steps
  • Enhances winter curb appeal for seasonal celebrations
  • Saves time before the spring real estate market

Spring Power Washing Benefits

  • Welcomes the return of warmer weather with a fresh exterior
  • Removes winter salt stains from walks and drives
  • Uncovers damages from harsh weather for prompt repairs
  • Discourages nesting insects like mud wasps
  • Prepares new growth moderation

Summer Power Washing Benefits

  • Prevents slippery algae on patios and pool decks
  • Ousts ants, spiders, mud wasps seeking water
  • Restores entrance appeal for summer parties
  • Removes annual pollen and soot accumulation
  • Prevents expansion of wood decay organisms

Adjusting power washing to the unique opportunities of each season makes maintaining a pristine exterior achievable year-round!

Limited Time Service Special

Now is the perfect opportunity to access professional power washing at an outstanding value.

  • Comprehensive inspection and troubleshooting – identify hidden problems for correction
  • Power wash siding, gutters, garage, patios, walks and driveways to remove summer residues and enhance winter curb appeal
  • Bundle additional exterior services at exclusive prices – schedule gutter replacement, deck restoration or exterior painting while at the same time further protecting your most valuable investment – your home!

Extra Services Discounts Available:

  • 10% off gutter replacement over 300 feet
  • 15% off new PVC-wrapped wood decking
  • 250 square feet solid color house painting for a low price point

Let the Exterior Makeover Journey Begin!

HouseWash PA in Philadelphia Professional House WashingWe hope this power washing guide provided valuable information to “revitalize your home today.” Keeping the exterior surfaces properly maintained ensures your comfort and peace of mind while protecting property value. Yet effectively restoring weathered, dirty exteriors often exceeds typical resident tools and know-how.

That’s where hiring professional power washing services brings that spectacular transformation not just improving aesthetics but also longevity, avoiding thousands in repairs later.

Call To Schedule and Save

Call House Wash PA at 484-881-2713 today! to schedule your no-obligation quote.

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