How To Eliminate Negative Thoughts, So You Get More Done

We often hear quotations and ideas that claim that success or failure starts in the mind. This is due to the strength of our ideas. They exert indirect influence over our activities. Negative thoughts may drag you down so much that you waste your time and energy.

Although unpleasant thoughts might arise at any time, it is a fallacy to assume they are uncontrollable. In this post, we’ll go over some of the most effective and tried-and-true methods for getting rid of negative ideas.

Defining Negative Thoughts

Some individuals find it difficult to confess they are having negative thoughts. They mistakenly believe it inevitably makes them a terrible or negative person. That is completely false since even the nicest, and most optimistic individuals have negative thoughts from time to time.

Everyone has a mind in which their ideas are developed. We often connect with our minds; in other words, we might perceive our minds speaking to us. McLean Hospital’s Dr. Lisa W. Coyne explains the circumstance as our verbal mind connecting to our language brain, which acts as a danger detector. It’s excellent to have a danger detector or a critical voice. Your mind evaluates dangerous circumstances and attempts to persuade you to run or fight.

The critical voice in our heads may save us from making a mistake, but the risks it detects are too broad. Everything outside of your comfort zone, including duties and possibilities, is seen as a danger. The main issue is that the mind’s diagnosis isn’t always right. People who block off reality and become locked in their heads are doomed.

When it comes to productive tasks, it is easy to leave. Fear of failure, shame, imperfection, and difficulty prevents us from confronting our challenges straight on. Negative thinking may even drive you to pass up chances.

How To Control Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts may seem like quicksand, swiftly sinking our passion for life and work. Here are seven techniques for staying grounded.

Talk back

While bad sentiments may be based on actual events, they are not unarguable facts. As a result, you may debate them inside yourself. To begin, you must acknowledge the negative notion as a creation of your mind rather than fact. Then you may contradict the notion with a better and more accurate one. Your critical voice, for example, may accuse you of incompetence. “I’ve trained rigorously for two years for this chance; therefore, I’m competent,” you may remark.

Write and question negative thoughts.

Because we think more quickly and more abstractly than we write, writing is an excellent technique to slow down the transmission of negative ideas. Writing down unpleasant ideas encourages us to consider them critically. When negative ideas are put down, they might become irrational and less frightening.

However, instead of merely writing, try to answer the following questions regarding your views.

  1. What advantage does this negative idea provide me?
  2. What possibilities would I lose if I act on my negative thoughts?
  3. What do I stand to gain or lose if I instead think positively?

Surround yourself with positive influence

Because you can’t extinguish a fire with more fire, why hang out with negative individuals when you’re surrounded by negative thoughts? Thinking in the same direction, understandably, fosters a feeling of camaraderie. When you’re battling with negative ideas, though, the ideal individuals to hang out with are those that are upbeat and happy. Allow pleasant energy to nourish your eyes and ears.

Be your own best friend.

Be nice and kind to yourself, just as you would your closest friend. Allow yourself to weep when negativity overwhelms you, and then soothe yourself. Discuss the bad ideas with your closest friend and inspire yourself with better positive ones. Tell yourself what you would say to your closest buddy in your position.

Try replacing negative thoughts.

The simplest method to overcome bad ideas is to replace them. You can’t stop thinking, but you also can’t think about two things at the same time. Rather than struggling to get rid of a bad notion, let your mind blank. Consider tasks or topics about which you like thinking and communicating.

The positive ideas will energize you and put you in a creative state of mind.

Use affirmations

Affirmations are a common method for overcoming negative thinking. Affirmations such as “I like my work,” “I enjoy being creative,” and “I am a vital component of my team.” “I am confident,” “I am a competent leader,” and similar phrases may have a significant impact on how you view yourself over time. Affirmations may be made once a day or whenever you see a negative idea sneaking in.

Try meditation or movement.

meditation calms mind and bodyMindfulness and meditation might assist you in relaxing and removing negative thoughts. Moving your body may also disrupt your brain flow long enough to remove unpleasant ideas. Get up or lie down, take a stroll or sit down, whatever it takes to alter your posture.

Try gratitude

In challenging times, we may maintain a good attitude by focusing on what we are thankful for. Gratitude for even the tiniest things, like as nice coffee, may make tough work easier. Instead of focussing on the bad, consider being appreciative of all the positive aspects of your life and career.

Don’t ignore negative thoughts.

Contrary to popular belief, dismissing unpleasant thoughts is a poor tactic. Because we reject bad ideas without first comprehending why they have arisen. We have a tendency to repeat activities that promote negative beliefs. You shouldn’t flee bad ideas like a scaredy-cat, but you also shouldn’t let them overrun your life.

Solve the root problem

Negative thinking is usually the result of a less visible issue. The issue might be ideals or behaviors that we acquired as children. When we identify and address these underlying issues, our fight with the negative ideas they generate is over. It should be noted that you may need expert assistance in executing this plan.


You must work hard to eliminate negative ideas. They cast a negative light on the world and on yourself. They cause you to lose faith in your talents and prevent you from being very productive.



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