High Pressure Cleaning Your Driveways and Pathways

Driveways and pathways serve one important function—creating connectivity between buildings and outdoor areas.

If you have spent time,  money and effort getting your sealed concrete or exposed aggregate driveway installed so why not make sure you look after it properly with high-pressure cleaning.

Your driveway will be the first thing you see when you arrive home at night and when you leave your house in the morning.

Over the years, your driveway will take a heavy pounding from vehicles, tyre track marks, oil spills and whatever else the elements want to throw at it. Keeping it clean will be beneficial and booking in a pressure wash each year will be worth it.


Here Are 6 Reasons Why Do High Pressure Cleaning

1. Cost-Effective

Compared to other forms of cleaning that involve using detergents, pressure cleaning is cost-effective and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
Outdoor cleaning with the high pressure cleaner does a better job than manual cleaning. Using the high pressure cleaner is also quicker which means that you’ll save money as our cleaning will take less time.
Who wants to pay for a gardener to manually remove moss and weeds by hand?



2. Environmentally Friendly

Pressure cleaning is environmentally friendly because you do not need cleaning solutions. The high pressure does all the work. It is basically chemical free cleaning.
To make it better, you can also use hot water to have your driveway cleaned.
As you can see, all these materials are safe and do not pose risks to the environment.

High-pressure cleaning also saves water.
When you clean surfaces normally, you need to soak grime and dirt with water to soften it before you can easily remove it or wash it away.
It needs a fair bit of water to soak the whole area and then you need more water to wash it away! So, with high-pressure cleaning, you saving our precious water while removing dust and dirt off the surface.

3. Enhances Curb Appeal

When your pathways and driveways are properly cleaned, they get a fresh new look.
Besides, it goes without saying that a visually appealing home has a high curb appeal.
Improving the appearance of your property or business before sale. This can dramatically effect the sale price of your property. If you are planning on selling your home, high pressure cleaning is a must have on your property sale checklist Remember to also do any other hard surfaces like retaining wall or patio floors in the presale clean up.


4. Saves Time

Pressure cleaning is quick and effective!
A professional high pressure washing team will have suitable machinery for the different outside areas.
Pressure washers are used on smaller areas and on stairways and walls. On bigger smoother areas circular polishing machines do a fast and effective clean. They are fast and leave no lines or uneven cleaning marks
Compared to traditional methods like patch cleaning using a brush or broom and detergent you’d literally have the entire driveway cleaned in the time it took to clean one small area.

When you hire professional cleaners you will also get an even result without any noticeable cleaning lines
Time is priceless and you can enjoy your free time when out sourcing this job.


driveway cleaner



5. Promotes Safety

With properly maintained and in good condition driveways or pathways it creates a safer environment for all of those who are walking on your pathways. It reduces slip hazards and gives better visibility to any uneven surfaces.

Not doing regular cleaning of your driveways and pathways can lead to a build up of dead leaves and gravel.
Not only does it get slippery when it is wet it also starts to weaken the surface of the driveway.
The other consideration is moss, lichen and mildew can also set in and it is difficult to remove and it can be slippery.
If you have any slope on your pathways or driveways you do want to pay attention to anything that interferes with traction.
Hiring a professional pressure washing company will guarantee the safety of your property and keep you out of harms way. Many injuries happen from people trying to DIY jobs around the house.
Let us do the hard work and get into the hard to reach areas.

6. Protects Concrete Surfaces

Concrete surfaces do start to degrade when they’re neglected. One sure way of letting that to happen is by allowing moss, and weeds on these surfaces and in the cracks and joins. The problem is, the more they grow the more damage they do. Over time the concrete surface weakens.

As the surface weakens it becomes uneven and increases cracking along join lines and distorting the grout. Eventually you may have to repair these areas of the driveway or pathway and it will be a costly ordeal.
Once you book in for regular pressure cleaning, the less weeds growing will help to keep the surface intact.
With no lichen and moss growing on the surface you can be sure of not having to do any restoration work as often.

Wrapping Up!

When is the best time to have your driveway power washed?

power washing your driveway can be any time of the year. Most homeowners like to have it done during warmer weather in the lead up to Christmas. This is when people are doing more entertaining.

The Benefits Of High-Pressure Cleaning To Your Driveway

We use our pressure cleaning machines to get deep into the surface to completely eliminate unwanted dirt and other contaminants.
Our services are completely hassle- and damage-free, leaving behind renewed outdoor surfaces. We value your time and perform services quickly and efficiently.
Our team is fully accredited and licensed – you can trust that we are the Brisbane high pressure cleaning team qualified for the job.

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