100 Days of 6 AM Wake-Ups

100 Days of 6 AM Wake-Ups: Yes, I have gotten up at 6 am for 100 days, and I want to keep doing so for a long time.

I’ve earned around four additional hours daily, and my days are far more productive than ever. I have more free time to myself, and, believe it or not, I sleep longer than I used to.

When I think about it, it wasn’t that difficult compared to all the benefits I’ve earned from this habit.

This has happened before.

I tried waking up at 5 am after reading a book about it a year ago, but it didn’t work. I tried it for a month but was exhausted and had no ambition to wake up, which was the opposite of what the book said. I was doing something incorrectly.

I wanted to try again this time, and the outcomes were drastically different. It was even simple to form the habit. The same book, the same methods

ahm articles

But what was the difference this time?

I concentrated on the proper thing.
I thought this while I tried to wake up early this year.

I’ll get up at 6 am to do some more work.

Naturally, I failed.

I wasn’t only working at 6 am and 6 pm, and it didn’t appear like I was living my life. So, of course, I resigned.

Are you getting up earlier to work? That isn’t for me.

This time, I changed my mind. For context, I spent three months in Spain in my RV. This was my thought at the time.

My main goal was to finish work early so I could travel to Spain. That is a significant distinction.

Was I waking up to travel across the country for three months while working?

That is something I intend to fight for. I, of course, did it. Spain is a beautiful nation! It would help if you went there.

My typical day

I altered my routine somewhat, which I initially thought would turn my routine daily upside down.

But it wasn’t all that horrible. This was how one of my days looked. In the grand scheme of things

06:00 – 12:00 work, programming, and meetings
12:00 – 13:30 Relaxing, making lunch, reading, and playing video games
13:30-14:30 Eat lunch and tidy up.
14:30 – 15:30 Unwind and watch television (I have friends for the first time).
15:30 – 16:30 Check Slack, do some work and end the day 16:30 – 21:30 Visit Spain, have fun and record some footage with my drone.
21:30 – 22:30 → If necessary, read, watch an episode, or even sleep.


What makes this different from my usual everyday routine?

I’ve shifted the unproductive portion of my day from 21:00 to 23:00 (sometimes later) into the morning. By 9:30 pm, I’m exhausted, but that’s fine.

Instead of working in two ample time windows (morning and evening), I work in one (6 am to 12 pm), and I still have time if something is left over or I need to assist someone on the team.

Planning is essential.

To accomplish this, you must plan and arrange your day. Otherwise, you’ll run into each other at 6:15 am with nothing to do and wondering why you’re here and if sleeping wouldn’t be a better option.

Before I turn off the alarm, I sit down with my to-dos and go over everything I’ve planned to do today, starting with one. I usually choose one item to get me in the mood for 30 minutes.

That way, my tasks are ready for me in the morning. I keep a simple to-do list on which I highlight items to remind myself, “Jon, these are the chores you need to complete today.” It’s pretty effective!

This is something I enjoy doing because it does not need much concentration.

By 7 am, I usually complete all of the asterisks and can go on to a more extensive assignment.

That way, I’ll be able to respond promptly. I am active after writing anything or programming a side project, and then I usually prepare tea and stretch a little before continuing with my responsibilities.

The benefits

You could list hundreds of drawbacks, but that would be the lazy part. There aren’t many benefits, but they’re massive! The first is the most crucial.

Why do you require any more reasons? Our most valuable possession is time. But there are more benefits!

6 pm to 10 pm. Except for my cat, I have a lot of time when no one is around. I work alone while the others sleep, and OMG’s Work is three times more fruitful then.

I had finished my entire workload by noon. I only have to do something else all day when the task is done and the sprint is going well.

I sleep for 7 hours and 30 minutes to 8 hours every day. I sleep less than 10 seconds when I go to bed at night.

My sleeping habits have improved. I’ve always been a decent sleeper, but now I’m a deep sleep expert.

What I did with my spare time

When I was abroad, I did much more than eat tapas.

Reading-wise, I read more in those 100 days than I did the entire year.

I began writing on my site (you can read other articles if you want).

Make a straightforward app that I had in mind.


It seemed hard to exercise while travelling and working.

And now, I intend to add other things, such as digging out the guitar from the closet (I used to play it more) or learning a new instrument (I’ve always wanted to play the drums). Drawing is also on my list.

Suggestions and tricks

It’s not horrible to do this, but it’s also not easy. After making the decision to do so, I have found that the following things help me get out of bed each morning.

Turn off the alarm, remove your phone from the bed, and get up and move around.

I’ll be awake in 15 minutes and will begin composing stuff.

After 10:00 pm, there will be no more screens. Don’t we all know how horrible screens are at night?

Plan your TV time and how many episodes you will watch ahead of time; for example, 2:30 pm and I have time to watch two episodes. Stick to it.

Consider the positive aspects. Don’t turn the table thinking about how exhausted you are. Consider how much time you have today to practise the drums (for example).

Always have a plan; improvising in the morning could be more effective. Always have some tasks prepared for the following day!


This new habit I’ve developed and am maintaining is ideal for accomplishing everything I’ve always wanted to do. I’m sleeping better than ever, yet I’m no longer in charge of my life.


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